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  • Steve Bernstein is Director of Product and Solutions Marketing for Satmetrix, where he is responsible for developing solutions that drive financial benefits for our clients. For 20 years Steve has driven programs that improve the customer experience, where he gained a deep understanding of service operations, web and workforce optimization, and strategic sales. Prior to joining Satmetrix, Steve was a partner at a consulting firm where he focused on strategy and implementation of web and service operations projects; he led product and solution development for the contact center operations company Blue Pumpkin leading to it's acquisition by Witness Systems and then Verint; and managed solution development at Cisco Systems.

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February 26, 2008


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Dr. Bill Bleuel

too salesy - not enough content for me. I would prefer to see more tangible results - a case study or at least an example.

Steve Bernstein

Hello Dr. B -- many thanks for taking the time to comment. Did you have a chance to read the referenced whitepaper in which we discuss Loyalty Economics and examples in great detail?

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